More Testimonials

“Gabor’s latest book represents a timely and significant contribution to debate over one of the most pressing problems confronting the US — firearm death and injury. The work is comprehensive in scope and sound in its conclusions and recommendations. It should be mandatory reading for all state and federal legislators with an interest in gun policy.”
Julian V. Roberts, University of Oxford and Associate Editor of the European Journal of Criminology and Canadian Journal of Criminology

“This short and engagingly-written book is crammed with the information we need to combat the tragic consequences of America’s obsession with guns. Tom Gabor familiarizes us with the data and research findings that support his extensive list of policy recommendations. With Confronting Gun Violence in America in hand, U. S. voters will be able to hold politicians’ feet to the fires as they press for gun polices that are in tune less with gun manufacturers and their handmaiden NRA than with public opinion and Second Amendment rights.”
Mark A. Schneider, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Southern Illinois University—Carbondale

With scholarly precision and careful analyses, Gabor provides the reader with a user-friendly, sober and comprehensive perspective on gun violence in the U.S…Every reader will acquire a sound and grounded foundation to come to terms with this pressing American epidemic and how to participate in its elimination.”
Arlene R Ustin,  President, Palm Beach County (Florida) Chapter of the National Organization for Women

“Confronting Gun Violence in Americaoffers a comprehensive overview of the many controversies surrounding the issue of gun control in America. Its sixteen chapters gather, examine and reveal facts, opinion and myths. The book addresses the availability, usage, lethality, density, and distribution of guns. It both examines and evaluates both the degree of protection and the risk of injury associated with gun-related incidents of violence. Dr. Gabor also presents an in-depth analysis of the ensuing social, legal, economic, and political impacts of guns in America and contrasts those findings between various states and other first world nations. The book concludes with a thoughtful and realistic set of recommendations aimed at mitigating the risks associated with them…”
Barry Freedman CPP, American Society of Industrial Security and Adjunct Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York City

“…In the 1960s, finally fed up with legislative inaction by American conservatives, Martin Luther King, Jr. created non-violent confrontation with the I-don’t-care Washington DC politicians which eventually produced equal rights legislation. Recently, finally fed up with a time-after-time, ineffective “Moment of Silence” from the I-don’t-care Washington, DC leaders after a horrific mass murder, and after their year-after-year inaction to stem the carnage of 30,000 gun deaths each year in our country, Martin Luther King’s colleague, John Lewis, led his Democratic caucus in a sit-in in the House of Representatives to focus the nation’s attention on the need for action. Tom Gabor’s book, “Confronting Gun Violence in America” is a must read for anyone who is appalled by the status quo.”
Dan Isaacson PhD, Editor
The Enlightened Voter: A Civic Education Newsletter
Boca Raton, Florida